By Sandford Tuey

Are you planning to spend a lot of money and time to remodel your kitchen? If that is the case, ensure that you choose the right contractor for the job. To do so, check with people you know that have done similar work, or check some of the large renovation websites, such as Houzz or TrustedPros.

A Bigger Kitchen Does Not Equal A Better Kitchen
An experienced contractor, such as Brycon Construction & Design, uses proper design techniques and modern Smart appliances to make the most of any kitchen. They can design the space for optimum efficiency and storage, figure out maximum floor space, counter space and can help to improve function with additions and expansions to make your kitchen better.

If you want to knock down walls, this will increase the cost of your kitchen renovation substantially. This can also involve significant electrical and plumbing work. This additional work may not result in added value, it is recommended to redesign the current space. Appliance relocation and cabinetry reconfiguration should be considered before starting.

A well-designed kitchen creates a workspace that is best when including an adjacent dining room or a breakfast nook to eat meals and entertain guests with, plus this visually opens the space up.

Modern Smart Appliances Are the Way to Go
Today’s technology combined with Smart Appliances will give your kitchen a futuristic look, it also improves the functionality and efficiency for the chef of the house owner. Imagine verbally programming and commanding your taps to start when you wave your hand under the tap and the water is at the perfect temperature you desire. Or tell the oven the temperature and time you want to bake something at and it does it. Or the Fridge records and informs you of what items you are running low on and which ones to order. These kitchen aids are a great way to make cooking easier and improve your life.

Secure Your Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers
Your cabinets are a quick way to change the look and feel of your kitchen and are a fast renovation task, yet are a low budget cost. Avoid low quality kitchen cabinets or drawers to save money. It is better to buy the best cabinetry style and materials you can afford. You won’t regret it. Your cabinets and drawers should have more storage space than you need. Connect small appliances underneath cabinets to get them off precious counter top areas and out of the way.

Make sure your cabinets and drawers can be locked shut so that infants and young children cannot open them and eat something they shouldn’t, you can never be too safe.

Have Room on Walls for Other Things
Add enough cabinets and drawers to store everything you want but leave room for artwork, windows, stylish doors or to create a simple, non-cluttered look. Having space on your kitchen walls allows for a brighter room and a more calming peaceful mood every time you enter your new kitchen.

Enlarge your windows by knocking a hole in the outer kitchen walls to allow more natural light, as this helps alleviate depression and illuminates this main area of your home. If you think this task needs a professional, you’re right. And a single call to Brycon Construction & Design and your dream kitchen will come true!

Stand Alone Islands
Kitchen islands provide extra workspace within arm’s reach of the oven, range or fridge, it makes food preparing easier, quicker and safer. More countertop space around your dishwasher, fridge and stove allow for optimal function and organization.

Try to work with the existing room size as this will save you money in the long run. The above essential kitchen design elements will result in maximum value, are more economical, improve your kitchen’s efficiency and make for the best kitchen remodeling project possible.