By Sandford Tuey

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home by family and visitors. It sees more traffic than most of your other rooms and having multiple facilities is always a good idea, that way, if several people need to use it at the same time, there are no complications or wait time.

Upgrading and remodeling a bathroom is a great idea, but you have many choices of types and styles to decide on first. For example, oak walls, floors and furniture give a much more distinguished feel, than linoleum tiles, a plastic vanity and medicine cabinet. There are so many varieties, your choices are almost limitless. Your budget will help decide a type you can remodel up to.

Calculate Dimensions
Hiring the services of an architect or designer can be worth the price, but make sure you have a plan in place before hiring a professional. Include a list of items you need to add or change.

Take measurements to know which products you can buy to fit and are going to allow users the most room and luxury. Once you know the dimensions of the area you are going to remodel, ensure all family members can easily use the shower, toilet, sink and other amenities with ease. Keeping the toilet paper hanger within easy reach for little children or disabled family members should be considered.

Decide New Look & Functionality
Buying components individually and on sale may not provide a consistent appearance you desire, yet it may allow you to complete the look the way you want it. You can show off your originality and unique design concept, while at the same time consider storage, plumbing electrical, taps and any other needs you specifically have. This will help decide the parameters of this important and often used room.

Color can relax and enhance mood plus adding speakers and a television will help pass the time. Plenty of options include one or two sink basins, smart taps for the shower, tub and sink, many varieties of cabinets, drawers, shelves for towels and common bathroom items. Consider storage for all the towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies or other things you wish to keep handy.

Try to use the existing piping as this will save time and money. Moving the plumbing fixtures can cost you as much as $5,000 or more. You can hire professionals like Brycon to remodel and install what you want and where items will be. This is an easy way to get it all taken care of if you don’t want the task on your shoulders. Depending on the colour, shapes, sizes, designs and types of products that fit your needs, will determine the complexity of the renovation. We can also upgrade everything to smart computerized status.

Mirror & Vanity
Why not install a floor to ceiling wall mirror or even have the shower surround you with mirrors? Mirrors make the room seem larger and allow for users to see themselves to ensure they are looking their best.

Your bathroom is a private place and needs to ensure doors can lock, but also be opened from the outside in case a child accidently locks themselves inside. Open shelves can make your bathroom look more spacious than closed shelves. Moreover, a few covered baskets or drawers on shelves can hold your personal items, such as soaps, towels and wash clothes, just to name a few.

You can replace the toilet seat and lid rather than toss out the entire porcelain throne. This will save you money but won’t have the look of a new unit. There are dozens of styles and designs with features like a bidet and additional urinal.
If you are looking for tile, we suggest that you check eBay and Craigslist. Someone may be selling their leftover remodeling items on these sites and you may buy them at a fraction of the cost of new ones. New or second hand, your bathroom remodel will be worth it.