By Sandford Tuey

Today’s technology allows for unbelievable enhancements throughout your home. Those that enjoy a swimming pool can upgrade to a smart indoor & outdoor swimming pool. You can remodel your indoor pool or outdoor pool, yet constructing a new one with high tech benefits, is the way of the future. Your family and friends will be amazed at your new high tech pool.

Indoor / Outdoor Pool
The first thing is to decide where to locate your new swimming pool. It is best if you create an entrance to your backyard for easy access to your new pool area. If you construct an enclosure for the pool so that it is indoor, then upgrade it for the future is the best thing.

Make this building (room) large enough to fit the size and shape of the pool you desire. Once you know this, you decide if you want a Jacuzzi, dressing room and a restroom. Then there is the smart technology advances that will make this facility amazing.

Temperature Control
You can select the temperature for your main pool, Jacuzzi and room. If you want the water crispy cold or relaxingly warm, all you need to do is choose. You can even make the temperature of the hot tub hotter or cooler. Jacuzzis can also have their water jets enter the hot water slowly or massage fast. It is now possible to turn the temperature and water jets up from work or in the car before you get home. Extremely convenient.

Don’t forget that you are also able to adjust the room’s ambient temperature too.

Automated Pool Cover
You can cover your modern pool by remote control, instead of having to struggle to do so manually. You may have the pool cover your pool to keep the heated water warm, saving you money. Or you can uncover your pools while you are fixing you and your guests drinks or if you are getting ready for a swim.

Computer PH Testing and Chemical Control
For an extra bit of money, you can add a computerized PH and special chemical dispensing machine that controls this equipment to ensure your pool is always at the perfect PH and sanitary level. Both the main swimming pool and Jacuzzi can receive this luxury treatment.

Retracting Roof and Rear Wall
Wouldn’t you love to be able to retract the roof over your swimming pool and jacuzzi to enjoy the nice warm sunny days and enclose the roof during colder days that you want to use your facility.

A remote can operate a kind of garage door opening system with a twist. This system would be able to raise the back wall, opening this area to the back yard. You can also separately retract the roof, making your indoor pool an outdoor one. Or open both for the best view outside. This allows you to go outside and sun tan or access a BBQ pit and back yard. Why not enjoy your wonderful back yard landscaping and catch a warm summer breeze while you relax in the Jacuzzi or pool.

Modern Restroom
You can design and build a restroom that provides you and your guests warm toilet seats, touchless taps and other computerized technology ideas you come up with.

Accessories Storage
Build a convenient hideaway storage area for your pool equipment, toys and other items you desire. One click of a button and the door rolls up electronically and provides quick access to everything.

Advanced Additions
Imagine having a hard floor that slides in and out over your pool area, providing you with gym type flooring. This can turn this facility into your private indoor gymnasium for basketball, indoor soccer, floor hockey or any other purpose you can think of. One click on your remote will automatically have this flooring slowly cover your pool. When you are finished playing in your gym, you can retract the floor and go swimming.

If the above ideas are what you desire, contact Brycon Construction Ltd to help design and construct this facility with you?

Feature image by: By Slivenbg at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons