When you want exterior renovations, you need to find a remodeling contractor who will meet your needs and fulfill your desires. In the Vancouver area, there are many who provide services, but attention to detail makes the difference with Brycon Construction & Design.

You may have some excellent ideas of what you want to accomplish but a professional can give you some insight to create the look that gives your home the showcase quality that is so desirable.

You may be looking at an exterior renovation because the outside looks shabby and dull or just needs a little pick me up. Or you may want to sell your home and get a fresh look for that curb appeal when a prospective buyer comes by.

Porch and Deck Options
Porches and decks being outside in the weather, they take abuse. You want your home to have a welcoming appearance, even if you don’t spend a great deal of time there. It can make a huge difference in your outdoor living space.

Roofing Replacement
A roof is often overlooked, but is a vital part of your home. A roof makes the difference in creating a comfortable, secure home. A roof can vastly improve the style of your home, but it is one of those elements that also needs to be highly functional. Choosing the right kind of roof for your home, your climate and your budget is what a professional contractor does.

Siding & Stone Veneer
Siding and stone veneer updates are often overlooked. If it’s dirty, power washing cleanses the dirt, mildew, and grime. Power washing isn’t exactly a do-it yourself deal with a hose, if you don’t know how to use a power washer you can actually damage the siding, it’s best to have a professional who can also access all the nooks and crannies. If it’s cracked, old, ugly and discolored, you should replace it and doing it right the first time can save you some money, this is where contractor makes total sense. A new color, style or type can make the difference and make your house stand out from the others in the neighborhood.

Lawn & Garden
Let face it, sometimes the choice of flowers rock the look of the house, but in winter, those carefully planted bushes and trees can make a house feel like a home. Not just any plants will do. One must take soil into consideration along with how the plants handle the stresses of the seasons for your region. Check with your local contractor to see if they can recommend a landscaper if they themselves do not offer this type of service.

Outdoor Lighting
How you light your house and pathways can make a huge difference in the lightscaping of your home. Not only does it showcase your residence at night, it makes the area safe. When choosing a local contractor, especially one that also offers design, don’t forget to talk to them to see if they have any recommendation on how best to plan for your outdoor lighting design.

Walkways, Paths and driveways
Part of your landscaping are the traffic areas that you and your vehicles move across. You want to choose something that will enhance the look of your home, and provide safe passage. What will enhance the look of your house, paving stones, stamped concrete, brick. Depending upon your choice will staining and sealing be required and if they are then what is the best way to apply slip resistance? Sometimes brushed concrete is the best option, it certainly is the least expensive.

Windows & Doors
Most people overlook the windows and doors, unless they present problems in temperature control. Style and functionality of both can make a difference in appearance and heating and cooling so these items shouldn’t be taken for granted. Guidance in choosing what works for the aesthetic and your home’s needs is available so make sure you discuss to this with your contractor before finalizing your plans.

Exterior Expansions
The big dollar renovation can be adding that new room, making the bathrooms larger, expanding the kitchen or creating new space, this can all impact the exterior look. A well-crafted addition can truly enhance the inside and make the outside shine. You want a look that will blend with your current house, rather than just tack something on the side. This is where choosing a contractor who offers design as well like Brycon Construction & Design does comes in handy and can save you time and money with your exterior renovations.

When choosing your renovations, you need to be aware of coordinating them with the style of your home. Given your budget you may want to do renovations in stages.