Demand for home automation has increased since solutions have become more affordable, providing greater convenience, time savings, personal security and comfort. Brycon has the know how to get the job done quickly, as well as simplify the transition to a home automation system.


A basic home automation system controls a group of subsystems for your home, ranging from lighting, security, entertainment and heating/cooling systems, to motorized drapes and appliances.

The new security and communication system allows you to program the routines of any electronic device in your home, all based on the time of day, temperature or any other condition that you command with the press of a button. Brycon’s home automation installers are trained in the latest wiring and integration techniques and are ready to install your custom home automated network.

Our Five Stage Process

The Brycon uses a Five (5) Stage construction & renovation process to ensure project delivery. This is characterized by a collaboration between the Client, Designer, and the Brycon Project Manager. Working as a team, this ensures timelines, costs and project scope and design are all met.

We sit down with you, the client, and listen to your plan, and budget parameters. We then agree on a project scope, decide on materials, building systems, and availability of materials.

Here we discuss your vision, and how that fits into the project scope and budget. From that, we then develop concept drawings, so you know what it looks like in advance. Once we confirm all materials, the project is then signed off.

Having a thorough planning and scheduling process takes all the headaches out of any renovation job. From pre-ordering materials, identifying and procuring the materials, to understanding the building bylaws of each individual municipality, and applying for and securing any permits required, this stage is critical.

The building stage starts with clear communication to client, designer and the trades, with regular project meetings, including updating client with progress and any deficiencies and delays. Other items such as change orders, insurance claims, cost control, and of course, performance of work, are critical to a well run project.

When your beautiful home or condo is ready to be moved into, a number of items need to be checked off. These include obtaining and turning over to the Client all warranties, affidavits, releases, bonds, insurance and waivers. As well, the preparation of final construction cost report, and a complete sign-off of project!

Some Aspects of the Automated Home:

Fully Integrated Home
Taking all aspects of residential electronics, Control, Entertainment, and Security, then unifying them under one interface for the ultimate in convenience and simplicity.

Dedicated Home Theater
The “willing suspension of disbelief” can only be best achieved if we limit outside distractions both visual and auditory. By controlling the environment we can immerse ourselves into the movie or the music to a much higher degree and leave the stress of the outside world for awhile.

Design & System Integration
Lighting, Shades, HVAC, Irrigation, Smart Appliances

Distributed Audio & Video, Media Rooms, Outdoor Entertainment, Content Management

Monitored Alarm, Surveillance Cameras, Access Control

Wired & Wireless LANs, Network Attached Storage, Network Security