By Sandford Tuey

Your home’s heating and cooling system allows you to set the perfect comfortable temperature. What do you do when you hear strange noises or notice water leaking from your plumbing or air conditioning unit. The important step is to contact an HVAC company as soon as possible to deal with any malfunctions. Leaving these problems too long or temporarily fixing them, is not the smart thing to do. Your home’s comfort system has complex machines – mechanical, refrigeration, and electrical. An HVAC technician is trained in these areas and it is a good idea to have the professionals ensure your home’s environment is providing the service you desire.

1. Mechanical

All mechanical systems age, causing complications and problems. Don’t wait until mechanical issues cause your system to shut down completely, smaller problems can cause poor temperature control and poor efficiency. The first system to fail is usually something mechanical. Blower fans inside the air unit and the fan inside the condensing unit tend to wear out first because they constantly work for years. These are replaceable by an AC technicians or even more complicated problems can be corrected. Annual maintenance is advised.

2. Refrigeration

Refrigeration systems work to circulate refrigerant through metal coils and send it to another set of coils. Refrigerant has a low boiling temperature resulting chemical reactions create an extremely cold liquid. This constant cycle provides cold air. A heat pump’s cycle is reversed, and heat is produced by allowing refrigerant to extract heat from air outside. Over time, coils erode and create leaks causing your system to lose pressure and refrigerant. An HVAC service technician is trained to use specialized equipment that finds leak locations and will know if coils can be fixed or need to be replaced. Corroded coils are common from old age, especially when condensation has been happening. Newer coils are now made with superior metal, allowing for less maintenance or replacement of your entire home system.

3. Electrical

Electrical problems are more common than people realize be it with your AC unit or heating system, since they have complex circuit boards and switches that keep your thermostat, condensing unit, and air flow device communicating and functioning. Should any one of these connections become broken, your unit may work but will perform badly or malfunction, causing a professional’s involvement. HVAC technicians have the necessary tools to diagnose, repair and fix any electrical problems.

Keep your heating and cooling system in perfect working order by knowing when to contact a home comfort system professional. Dangerous tasks should only be addressed by a certified technician. Should you have any doubt, call a professional.

Before finalizing your home remodeling plans and the necessary budget, it would be a great idea to make sure that the heating and cooling systems are in perfect working order. If you do not have a good HVAC company in your maintenance contact list, please let us know and we will gladly recommend a service to call.