For home renovation projects in Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver area, Brycon has always seen the kitchen as the ‘heart and soul of the home. And in terms of renovations, kitchens have always been a popular choice because that is where the family gathers, much more than any other room in the house. Done properly, a kitchen renovation has the power to transform not only your home, but your lifestyle. And it can increase the value of your home. But many variables and many choices are associated with a kitchen renovation.


Whether you want a classic, contemporary or a modern style kitchen, Brycon will ensure your vision is met, and you get exactly what you need. Designed and built to fit your lifestyle, and your budget.


With superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, Brycon plans, designs and creates beautifully customized kitchens, coordinating and managing every aspect of the renovation process. From the planning and design, right through to coordinating structural engineers and obtaining all necessary permits, if required.

Your new kitchen design can instantly, and uniquely transform your space from functional to fabulous. Depending on the scope of your kitchen renovation project, you are looking at choosing from quartz and granite countertops, a variety of cabinet styles and colours, to a wide variety of stone, tile, vinyl planking and hardwood flooring. From raw to sublime, meaningless to important, different styles, layouts may already exist in your current kitchen space. Brycon will make your vision come to life. Remember, a kitchen renovation may encompass a variety of design elements.

Our Five Stage Process

The Brycon uses a Five (5) Stage construction & renovation process to ensure project delivery. This is characterized by a collaboration between the Client, Designer, and the Brycon Project Manager. Working as a team, this ensures timelines, costs and project scope and design are all met.

We sit down with you, the client, and listen to your plan, and budget parameters. We then agree on a project scope, decide on materials, building systems, and availability of materials.

Here we discuss your vision, and how that fits into the project scope and budget. From that, we then develop concept drawings, so you know what it looks like in advance. Once we confirm all materials, the project is then signed off.

Having a thorough planning and scheduling process takes all the headaches out of any renovation job. From pre-ordering materials, identifying and procuring the materials, to understanding the building bylaws of each individual municipality, and applying for and securing any permits required, this stage is critical.

The building stage starts with clear communication to client, designer and the trades, with regular project meetings, including updating client with progress and any deficiencies and delays. Other items such as change orders, insurance claims, cost control, and of course, performance of work, are critical to a well run project.

When your beautiful home or condo is ready to be moved into, a number of items need to be checked off. These include obtaining and turning over to the Client all warranties, affidavits, releases, bonds, insurance and waivers. As well, the preparation of final construction cost report, and a complete sign-off of project!

Kitchen Renovation Ideas:

  • Flooring: tiles, hardwood, laminate are some of the more popular choices
  • Countertops: Marble, granite, Caesarstone and quartz to add a luxurious rich feel
  • Cabinetry: Changes look and feel instantly, and can add extra storage space
  • Backsplashes: Glass, mosaic, tumbled marble are popular choice in new homes
  • Paint: Can have a dramatic effect, depends on your color pallet
  • Lighting: Pot or track, adding unique ambiance
  • Island: Extra seating space for breakfast, lunch, dinner and entertaining

Other components of a kitchen renovation: sounds systems; plumbing fixtures; appliances, doors, windows, hardware, ceiling textures and general furnishings.