By Sandford Tuey

Having a basement is very wise, handy and increases the square footage of your home’s square footage and sales price. So, a sub-basement below the original basement would add even more area and value to your home. A win-win scenario for every owner!

What could you use this two story underground concrete room for?

  1. With some soundproofing and thick concrete walls/floor plus ceiling, you can hold a very large and loud group of friends over for karaoke or dance parties. You can create a cool nightclub atmosphere with colored lighting, strobe lights, smoke machines and a great P. A. sound system. Add a bar and meal preparation area where food and drinks of all kinds can help entertain your guests. You’ll be the life of the party every time you hold an event!
  2. A huge screen home theatre system to show big screen movies in comfort. There are projector devices that cast a movie onto a clear white wall. You choose the size of your screen by adjusting the size of the picture on a wall. By painting a wall white, you make any film or television signal crisp, vivid and larger than you can if using a 65 inch or 70 inch HD 4K television. Place comfortable couches, lounge chairs and tables for snacks in the perfect position for the best viewing distance you prefer. Never be interrupted by someone talking or fiddling with their cell phone during the film. With a surround sound system, your cocooning at its best!
  3. If you own firearms, archery equipment or desire any other projectile aiming practice, why not turn your sub-basement into a professional safe range for training. Make sure you get permission from your city hall and ensure the thickness and quality of rebar inside the concrete walls, ceiling and floor will not allow high powered projectiles to go through them. Build a multiple target system allowing for distance changes. Add anti-deflection/rebound materials where ever you are aiming at in the impact zone. Have targets that can be used for firearms, archery and other projectile devices like paint guns and sling shots, or whatever you choose to fire down range. Keep your firearms legally stored and locked away in a special holding area. Improve your aim and family’s safety!

You can turn this sub-basement into any type of room you desire by making your concrete and rebar walls, floor and ceiling as thick as you need them. With this large room so deep underground, the neighbors wouldn’t hear any noises you make in it. A sub-basement will give you peace of mind and the most popular one in town. At the same time, you would increase the living area and value of your property with this type of home renovation!

Feature image by Thekohser (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons