As 2017 slowly cycles down we seriously should take a look at what the trends in home renovations will be for 2018. While no one can accurately predict what the ‘latest and greatest’ trends will be for every community, we certainly can look into what the manufacturers are suggesting and build off of that.

Granite is out
It had to happen sooner or later. Granite has been the go to countertop material for a long time but it appears that that trend is out for 2018. If you are planning a new kitchen or bathroom renovation in 2018 you might want to consider the new darling in countertops; Quartz. Offering some attractive finishing options this fresh take on countertop material is certainly durable.

Yes. You didn’t misread that. Brass is back baby! Chrome and satin are still fashionable but brass, in all it’s shining glory, is making a comeback. Not sure if you want to make that kind of a statement with your fixtures well I suppose you could always opt for a rose gold finish.

Stone Sinks
Sure, you could always stay with the tried and true porcelain sinks but where is the adventure in home remodeling with that? Why play it safe when you could go with the adventure and beauty of natural stone? Using stone sinks in your bathroom renovation will give you both the classic and the modern in one classy looking basin.

Bleached Cabinetry
Finally, things are moving away from the all white kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It was nice while it lasted but if you are planning to remodel either of these rooms and you don’t want to look dated, consider bleached woods for your cabinets. You can even mix it up a bit and go with a two tone look you trend setter you.

Got the Blues?
For kitchens and bathrooms there is a real feel for using blues. Navy blue and darker blues are being used on everything from cabinets to appliances. If it makes sense to some of the other features in the home you could even go with some lighter blue, violet or even purple tones. Just be sensible, don’t over due it.

While blue will be the biggest winner for 2018 in terms of colors, let us not discount some of the other colors for everything from faucets to sinks.

Out with the standard, run of the mill, utility builder grade doors. It is time to get fancy with your doors. There are just too many potential designs to choose from to name here. Just embrace all of the fantastic options and explore potential that doors can be incorporated into the rooms Feng Shui.

The days of boring tile is out, no more sterile, white subway style tiling if you please. It is time to get your funk on with some texture, color, unique patterns and designs. Which tile design is going to accent those new features in your bathroom and kitchen renovations for 2018?

Did we miss anything? We would love to hear your thoughts on what you think will be trending in 2018. Look for us on Twitter, Facebook and Google.