By Sandford Tuey

Imagine coming home and walking into your brand new renovated kitchen, then speaking a command and your sink turns itself on at the predetermined temperature you desire. Or get the oven to turn on and be set at the exact temperature you need to bake or broil your favorite meal. Of course, with the future of tomorrow now here today, smart technology is amazing and can improve your life and all your everyday tasks. There may be some renovation or remodeling required but here is how you can get started.

Before you can upgrade one of the main areas of your home, the kitchen, you need to decide on the following:

  1. Layout & Design – First, you come up with an idea of how you would like your kitchen to look like, jot down your needs and draw a rough sketch of what your family wants your new kitchen to do. Brycon will help you ensure the design is elegant and functional. It is important that doors swing the right way, so when you open one, they don’t block an appliance, cupboards or other important sections. You will most likely require a blueprint for your remodeling. We can assist with dealing with an architect to help with the selection of types of flooring – countertops, cabinets, painting, lighting and any other items you wish to have.
  2. Flooring – The durability and type of materials used for your kitchen floor varies from tiles, laminate and hardwood. These are the most popular. A dark wooden floor will look totally different than a multi-colored ceramic tile or laminate one. Your desire will determine the price and lifetime the floor will last.
  3. Counters – Changing of your counter tops can brighten up a kitchen a lot. They can add a rich luxurious look, while ensuring maximum functionality and easy cleaning. Choose from the most popular materials like marble, granite, stone and quartz. Or if your budget requires, a less expensive material, we can recommend other more economical options for your kitchen renovation.
  4. Cabinetry – New cabinets can be utilized to add a positive energy to the room. These new changes can switch your attitude and mood to positive instantly, and can add extra storage space at the same time.
  5. Backsplashes – It is good to have backsplash materials on the walls around every sink and anywhere else a mess can be made in the kitchen. Glass, mosaic and marble are popular choice in new homes.
  6. Paint – Painting the color of your walls can improve the ambiance and mood of all who enter this room. Earth based tones and colors are the best.
  7. Lighting – Improving your overhead, pot or track lighting, adds a calmer ambiance. This will depend on your color pallet and using more peaceful colors and tones like, Earth based soft colors.
  8. Island & Table with Chairs – Extra seating space for breakfast, lunch, dinner and entertaining helps dramatically with additional kitchen island with a solid cutting board.

Other components of a kitchen renovation like adding a sound system, updated plumbing, new appliances, doors, windows, hardware, ceiling textures and general furnishings.